How The Cavs Bounce Back & Take That Game Four


The Cleveland Cavaliers fell in Game Three to the Boston Celtics by a score of 106-93. Game Four is tonight in Cleveland with an opportunity for the team to even the series back at two games apiece. Now, a lot of this will be dependent on whether PF Jarrett Allen will play with this bruised ribs injury that has kept him out for the first three games.

Frankly, it will be based on balanced successful scoring similar to how the Celtics just did in their Game Three which helped them to control and will the contest in Cleveland on the road for them.

We know what we’re going to get from Donovan Mitchell points-wise. It’s players such as Evan Mobley and Darius Garland that have to step up on the offensive side. Mobley did have 17 on 7-11 shooting, but Garland’s 15 on 6-15 shooting (1-6 from deep). Having that aforementioned Allen presence in the game as an active member will be good but also that he is capable and aggressive too with said injury.

In the Game Two win, the Cavs held the Celtics to only 41.3% shooting on 22.9% from deep and that lack of percentages was crucial to the win in a collective defensive effort by the Wine and Gold

The Cavs have to get off to a fast start and not end up clawing back the entire game. Start with a run, get the home crowd into the game early and build upon that the entire night.

I’ve talked about this concept of “Hero Ball” from Donovan Mitchell and that is the idea that on the offensive side of the ball even if he takes a million shots and scores a lot it’ll lack that flow or pace with teammates such as Mobley and Garland.

This is if Mitchell even plays! What? Well, Mitchell is questionable with a calf strain. He was not present at shootaround. Hopefully, he’ll end up giving it a go though.

While it’s not a clinching game, the Celtics have the opportunity to really close out this series tonight. If they win this one, it becomes a 3-1 series with two games at their home to win it. However, a Cavs win and the series becomes a best of three with the confidence shifted back to Cleveland.

My Prediction?

While it is a home game, I have the Celtics winning Game Four. They have the confidence after crushing the Cavs in Cleveland and know they can do it again. Additionally, even if Allen plays, he’s not 100% and there’s a chance he doesn’t to begin with unfortunately. If Mitchell is out, we know the final before it starts.

***We will keep you updated on Allen and Mitchell’s status throughout the afternoon!

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