Have you ever seen LeBron completely lose his cool? If you have, it’s not often you do. James has risen to fame and now carries a high reputation in this league, and he won’t let someone ruin that…..or will he?

As of late, LeBron has endured severe punishment down low in the paint. Punishment in which a normal player may backlash at or at least react with the same force. Players who are always backlashing at even accidental fouls tend to look unprofessional and are termed “enforcers” or even sometimes “dirty players.” While LeBron is a physical player, he holds himself at a high standard and rarely physically attacks someone. We can’t deny that LeBron doesn’t trash talk, but it’s all in good spirit. Although, LeBron does bring the pain occasionally,




bringing up the question “Does he have it coming to himself”?

Now while fouling a player in the action of taking a layup is the smart idea, some players are barely even affected in terms of the ability to shoot and finish through a foul. See, LeBron is one of those players, as seen earlier this year, that is near to impossible to bring down. Bringing down LeBron is hard to do for practically anyone except a center.

In a contest against the Houston Rockets on March 1st, James got involved in a tussle with Rockets point guard Patrick Beverley. After the defensive foul, Beverley wrapped up James and the two exchanged a couple elbows resulting in double technical fouls being called. James’ “fit” with Jonas Valanciunas was the most recent debacle with hard fouls.




After LeBron was harshly fouled by Valanciunas, Jonas attempted to help James up but was denied by James himself. “I have teammates out there to help me, why would I need him?”. After the game James also, “Vowed to protect himself”. The King seems irritated that players have taken advantage of his passive physical actions (after he takes a hard foul), and always will look to give him a big blow next time it happens.

Now while many people have inferred that MJ was very physical and attacked back at times during a game, he played at a different time. LeBron can’t attack the way that MJ did back in the 80’s and 90’s. On March 9th, Clippers forward Dahntay Jones was fined $10,000 for bumping into Warriors power forward Draymond Green after the game. Although this looked accidental the fine was still given. Seeing this happen shows that LeBron certainly can’t attack back when fouled. Doing this without consequences would be near to impossible. Although LeBron is still the poster child of the NBA, punishment would be handed out if James reacted in a violent manner.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you next time he gets attacked and he attacks back. I just feel bad for whoever fouls James hard next.

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