How Much Does LeBron Spend on his Body per Year?

Time is the ultimate opponent for everything in life. Sports are no different. All the previous greats in their respective sports have fallen victim to it. For the vast majority of NBA players in their 15th season, the wear and tear taken on their bodies over the course of their careers is inevitable to show. That is, except for one extreme outlier, LeBron James. He continues to defy logic and shatter previous expectations for longevity in the league with how he’s dominating the NBA this year.

At 33 years old, in his 15th NBA season, gearing up for his 7th-straight Finals appearance, LeBron’s game hasn’t regressed at all. In fact, it’s evolved into what could be considered the best of his career.

Recently, LeBron’s business manager, Maverick Carter, shared a little insight on how this is even possible for someone late in their career.

While $1.5 million per year may seem like a shockingly high number to spend, that amount is certainly justifiable, given how well LeBron James has played as of late. Investing in your health as a professional athlete is a no-brainer. From a business standpoint alone, elongating the prime of your career should be the primary focus as a player. A longer prime equates to higher career earnings. For someone like LeBron, who will still garner a max contract of roughly $30 million per year at 33 years old, that $1.5 million is a necessary expense.

The two athletes at the forefront of this new brand of sports science focused on longevity are Tom Brady and LeBron James. It shouldn’t come at a surprise either that both are still playing at a high level, well past the age previously considered to be the prime of the careers.

Organizations have already begun adopting a lot of these practices. Eventually, this will be the norm for all professional athletes. There is just too much money to be made or lost, based on the health of a player.

Photo: LeBron James

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