December 8, 2023

How LeBron’s Decision Could Backfire on Him

LeBron is gone and there’s no changing that fact. Unfortunately, despite my belief that he would come to his senses and stay, he left Cleveland once again. I appreciate what he did for this city, but I am very disappointed at his decision. To anyone blindly defending LeBron, do you think he cares about you? Our city? Our fans? Because if he did, I don’t think he would’ve bolted for a second time in his career.

Here’s how LeBron’s decision to become a Laker could backfire., pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

This past year especially, but for really his entire career in Cleveland, LeBron was never blamed for the Cavs’ problems. It was either a lack of a supporting cast, a dumb coach, a horrible owner, a GM not re-signed and so on and so forth. LeBron did lead us to our first championship in 52 years and we will never forget that fact. However, some of the blame for the demise of this franchise can be put on #23 himself.

By not signing a long-term contract, he handcuffed the organization and kept other stars out of Cleveland because they thought what just happened would happen in that he’d bolt out of Cleveland. Had LeBron signed a five-year deal to stay right off the bat, I believe things would be different.

In LA, the spotlight is going to be on him even more. The Western Conference is much tougher than the East and LeBron’s Lakers are going to have to get through Golden State and Houston to get back to the finals. Additionally, I believe that the supporting cast in LA (as of now) is worse than in Cleveland and that’s saying something.

The difference is that LeBron chose to go there, leaving behind the city that loved him more than anything.

The media and fans will not give LeBron the same sympathy that he got in Cleveland for carrying a poor supporting cast back to the finals. He was a hero, putting the team on his back to victory with countless game-winners and 40+ point performances.

LeBron is heading into his 16th season and at some point, he is going to start declining. But the expectations will not decline with him. It’s championship or bust until he retires and that is a tough burden to carry.

If LeBron stayed in Cleveland and never won another title, no one would fault him. But every losing season in LA is another notch or stain on the resume. He could actually lose some “LBJ > MJ” fans if the Lakers are not a great team.

The thing I always went back to with LeBron is that I didn’t think he would go to LA because the supporting cast just isn’t there. Now, I’m sure they’ll improve their roster, but there’s no way they’ll ever beat Houston or Golden State in my estimation.

If LeBron doesn’t win a title in Los Angeles, he’s a failure in their eyes. All of the greats in LA won titles. From Kobe and Shaq, to Magic and Kareem before him, they all won. LeBron has a tough task ahead of him to be put in the same breath as some of those great Laker stars.

Like him or hate him, LeBron is a bit of a drama queen. As great as he is on the floor, his personality doesn’t always jive well. I’m curious to see how this turns out in LA. He has a coach that was drafted the same year as he was and that relationship will be something to watch for.

I’m not going to root for LeBron to win in LA because I am going to want him to wish he never left Cleveland. However, I’m won’t sit here and pretend that he wasn’t a huge inspiration in my life and for this city. He was The King and that’s why I’m disappointed he left.

Honestly, I think of all the small businesses (including CST) in the Cleveland area that are going to suffer from his departure. If he really, really meant what he said about Northeast Ohio, he would’ve ridden out his career here.

Breaking news: LeBron is about LeBron. However, that could backfire on him.


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