How LeBron James Re-Inspired ME

I recently watched the YouTube video that displays the last couple minutes of the 2016 NBA Finals between the Cavs and Warriors when the Cavs were able to finish off the miracle by coming back from down three games to one.

Everyone remembers Kyrie Irving’s Shot, LeBron’s Block and K Love’s Stop in order for the team to win it all. However, something that was really inspiring to me was the interview that LeBron game after the Cavs won. It is worth the watch.

Even so, I never quite saw that interview for how powerful it really was. Additionally, the fact that it came right after a huge game came to a completion. To talk like that to a reporter in that way was amazing.

“There’s nothing the man above don’t put you in situations that you can’t handle.” 

“Instead of saying, ‘why me?” He’s saying this is what he wants me to do.” 

Yes, LeBron isn’t even on the Cavs anymore. Yet he did fulfill that promise of bringing that coveted championship to Cleveland. For that, I will always have the utmost respect for The King. Even at the age of 37 now with the Lakers, LeBron is playing fantastic basketball.

As the years go on, I have this suspicion that LeBron will find his way back in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform to finish it all off. He has even mentioned playing with his son, also a great young player.

Every day, I fight through the shoulder pain I am dealt with, unfortunately. Sure, I don’t have the task of trying to beat one of the best basketball teams ever three-straight games in a row. Each person has a challenge to conquer.

What LeBron said just made mine a little bit easier. Sure, I loved LeBron way back when he was a star on the Cavs to begin with back in the day before, “The Decision.” 

Typically, I’ll reference Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield’s shoulder struggles when talking about my issues. However, it was LeBron who found his way to this one with that interview.

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