How Kyrie Punk’d us All

Updated: July 23, 2017

Shocking news came our way Friday evening when we were greeted by the news of Kyrie Irving demanding a trade. Kyrie is a fan favorite and has been ever since he arrived here in the 2011 draft with teammate Tristan Thompson.

We grew to love Kyrie and admired that he would re-sign with the team due to the fact that we weren’t that great and still didn’t have LeBron. We instantly fell in love with his loyalty even though it wasn’t anything crazy. Kyrie was the man in Cleveland and the offense ran through him and it was beautiful at moments, remember when he took on the Thunder all by himself? It seemed like Kyrie really wanted to be here but in the end he punk’d us.

This is totally different compared to when LeBron left, yes we understand he hasn’t left yet but it seems like Kyrie does not want to be here. This time around it seems like Kyrie has totally pranked us and we just now are understanding that he’s very much full of himself. Kyrie wants to be more of the man yet he took more shots in the finals this past year and he’s on the cover of NBA2k18, which is easily the highest selling basketball video game. Kyrie also has an extremely high selling basketball shoe that even I own two pairs of.

Kyrie seemed to be so nice and so much about the team, you have to be about the team if you’re gonna play with LeBron and it seems like LeBron and Ky had their arguments about this. Kyrie’s father also has stated displeasure with his son being in LeBron’s shadow. I’m sorry though you have to realize your son is not better than the greatest basketball player ever.

The news surprised LeBron and it surprised just about everyone, it makes you tear up thinking that someone would punk the entire franchise again, at least we knew that LeBron might leave because he needed to win a ring and he probably wasn’t going to do that in Cleveland.


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