How Good is this Browns Defense and How Bad is this Offense?


After that 17-19 victory over the 49ers, chatter about this Browns defense has continued to grow. In the win against the Colts, the Browns defense has continued to gain steam. But as always something must be wrong and that’s our offense. So how incredible is the Browns defense and how bad is the offense?

According to the stats presented, the Browns defense is in fact great. Allowing only 895 yards through the air, the Browns defense is 1st place by 200 yards. The Browns run defense isn’t first place, but they still are very high up there with an incredible 3.7 yards per carry. One little bit that isn’t good, is the Browns only have three total interceptions this year. While it isn’t terrible, it isn’t something you’d expect from such a good team. The Browns do have one of the top forced fumbles, which is a nice little thing. The Browns are only allowing a 28% third down conversion percentage, which also is a nice thing to see. The Browns have 19 total sacks and have only allowed 116 points, which is great. This Browns defense with everything taken into account still is very special, which is a great thing to see.

Now to the sour part of this article, the offense. The Browns offense is the 2nd worst in the NFL in terms of passing, which is something I guess we should have expected. With how terrible our QB situation has been, this should have been expected. One of the bright spots of the offense is the running game, which is an upper-tier rank. After the Chubb injury, Hunt, Ford and Strong have been very good which is contributing to the great stats. The Browns also have the worst receiving yards, which makes sense. The Browns are one of the worst-scoring teams with their 11 total touchdowns, which is definitely not a very good total. The measly four receiving touchdowns is one of the biggest problems since that is a very bad stat in this new passing league. A cool little note is the lowest completion chance was PJ Walker to Amari Cooper back in week six which was a nine percent chance.

Myles Garrett deserves major credit for how good he has been. According to next-gen stats, Myles has the second fastest time to sack with an incredible 2.27 seconds back in week three. Myles already has 7.5 sacks, which is just insane. He has been just an unstoppable force for the team and has been carrying the team. Even through double teams, Myles has been tearing up the line, making offensive linemen look silly. Even when he isn’t directly making sacks, he is contributing by making opportunities for other defensive linemen. When he isn’t directly sacking the QB, he is drawing the attention away from people like Dalvin Tomlinson and Za’darius Smith allowing them to get in and create pressure. That aspect of his game isn’t recorded by the box score, which is why it commonly is overlooked by normal people.

The Browns are a good team overall, but the offense clearly needs some work. With bad QB play and other factors, they have been quite poor over these past few weeks. Even through all that the defense has been incredible and really has shown why they are number #1 in the NFL.

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