March 4, 2024

With a few games with Joe Flacco at the helm under our belt, we can more safely predict how he is going to do over the course of the rest of the season. He hasn’t been spectacular, but then again he has been better than most of the QBs ran out this season. So how good is this offense with Joe Flacco running it? I’ll tell you.

Now Joe Flacco’s stats aren’t anything that means much, since he has barely played for the team. But we can use these stats to more accurately see how he has been playing. Over the course of the three games Flacco has played in, he has 939 yards, seven touchdowns to his five interceptions. Some of those picks were his fault, while others were DPI that went uncalled, leading to an interception. The stats aren’t all that flashy, but he has been doing a decent job running the offense. Even with his five interceptions, he still has shown flashes of what he did back with the Ravens (barf).

Kevin Stefanski has also been a critical part of this Browns offense. Of course, he has had some weird play calls that didn’t exactly make much sense, but a lot of the things he has called have been pretty good. He has shown great resilience and has adjusted to the very volatile QB room quite well, something that certainly isn’t easy to achieve. The game plan has been flipped, turned upside down and burnt multiple times this season, and yet he has delivered good game after good game. If someone different was in his position, there is a fair chance we wouldn’t be here today, praising what he has done.

Another vital piece of the offense has been the receivers’ ability to adapt. It isn’t easy to play with four quarterbacks each with very unique throwing styles, and yet they have been able to do so multiple times. Adjusting to the ever-changing game plan also isn’t an easy task, and yet they have done it. The receivers have played their best and their hardest no matter the circumstances, and that is admirable. 

One somewhat positive somewhat negative piece is the injury situation. The offense has suffered multiple injuries such as David Njoku’s burns, the offensive line injuries, and as I have said, multiple quarterback injuries. Injuries are the name of the game in NFL football and working through them is necessary, but the Browns have done so very well.

Now, for the negative part. We can’t hide them under the bed and pretend they don’t exist. A negative section of the offense has been the running game. When Chubb went down, we all knew the running game wasn’t going to be as good as it had been. Jerome Ford did well replacing him, but he has kind of fallen off a little as the weeks have gone by. The re-signing of Kareem Hunt also helped a bit, but he was just a patch to try and stop the leaking. The run game is crucial to winning football, and the Browns just haven’t had a competitive running game.

The offense has shown sparks, but things just haven’t gone our way. Even with that though, the Browns have found ways to win and are now sitting at 9-5 and control their destiny. We just have to see though, if the Browns are capable of making it deep into the playoffs.

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