How Game 6 Could Shape Future of the Cavs, LeBron and His Legacy

Future of LeBron James in Cleveland

All season long, everybody outside of the borders of Cleveland have written off LeBron James returning to the team after the season. Do these opinions hold any weight? The answer is simply, no.

No one thought LeBron would come back to Cleveland after he departed for Miami eight years ago and looked what happened. Unless the words have come directly from LeBron himself or someone in his inner circle, meaning his wife, kids or close friends, don’t buy any reports regarding LeBron’s future just yet., pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

LeBron will never disclose that kind of information before he absolutely needs to, but throughout this season you could argue that LeBron does not even want to leave Cleveland for a second time based on his behavior with teammates and fans.

If LeBron does leave, where would he go?

Los Angeles (Lakers), Philadelphia, Houston and even Miami are the destinations you might hear the most about and LeBron would certainly turn each team into an immediate title contender, even if two of the teams reside in the Western Conference. The belief is that LeBron does not want to go to West, for whatever reason, and the Lakers are the furthest away from competing so the Western Conference teams lose a little credibility already.

That leaves The City of Brotherly Love or South Beach. A return to Miami would be an interesting one, but given how LeBron and Pat Riley left off on bad terms, how successful would this return be? Taking a look at Philadelphia, they have the young and talented pieces in order to win but seeing as LeBron and his newest understudy in Ben Simmons currently play primary ball-handler on their respective teams and the fact that Simmons’ biggest weakness is that he cannot shoot, that leaves you with having to figure out if you want an average shooter in LeBron or awful shooter in Simmons to be the one standing in the corner waiting their turn to score.

Good luck.

At the end of the day, LeBron’s best option would be to stay in Cleveland. The Cavs are the only team that can sign him to a five-year max contract and just in case you haven’t noticed already, Dan Gilbert has shown that he will spend money in order to create a title contender.

The ball is in your court, King.

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