How Does Baker Mayfield Rank Against Playoff Quarterbacks?

There’s been a lot of speculation about Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield and if he’s the long-term answer for the Browns or if his time in Cleveland is coming to a close?

Regardless, it’s difficult as Browns fans to sit around our “man caves” or living rooms this January and munch on snacks watching teams like the Tennesse Titans and Cincinnati Bengals duke it out on a football field. Mayfield and the Browns spoiled us a year ago by going 11-5 and winning a playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now, anything less is disappointing. So, when I’m watching these divisional games this week, I find myself comparing Mayfield to these other quarterbacks. Where does Mayfield stack up in your rankings?

Before this dismal season, I would have ranked the Browns quarterback higher than I do today. That is also a problem potentially for Mayfield as he continues to play in the NFL. He really killed his chances at a mega-deal with the Browns when he tried stubbornly to play through an injury all season. He’s due $19 million this last year with the Browns.

He won’t be getting that $40 million plus a year deal on his next contract unless he throws 40 touchdowns and zero interceptions next season, assuming he still is playing for the Browns.

Let’s move our discussion on the other quarterbacks then in the playoffs now and where Mayfield would land in that ranking.


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