How are NFL Players Staying in Shape in this Offseason?


One of the most important things for NFL players to do is to stay in shape, and be in peak physical condition. Most NFL players do this by working out in the gym. However, with the entire world being shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, players are having to find ways to adapt.

Most NFL players do not have a mega home gym, but Odell Beckham Jr. isn’t one of those people. He has a giant home gym full of weights, bench presses, neck stretchers, a half an exercise ball he bounces on while he catches passes. He also has a JUGS machine that he pulls in one handed catches from. After he does all that, he hops in his pool to do a celebratory dance.

On the other hand, Browns fullback Johnny Stanton, is having to deal with what he has.

“I’ve been going to a grass park to do some field work. No lines or anything but it could be a lot worse. And my strength coach allows me to workout in his garage weight room. Scheduling can be tough but otherwise I’m trying to make the most out of it.”  Stanton in an interview I conducted with him a short while ago.

The difference between a garage weight room, and OBJ’s full home gym can make a big difference for the kind of shape a player is in come the season.

Browns punter Jamie Gillian posted videos of him completing a challenge known as the “Murph”. Gillian runs a mile, does 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and then runs another mile, all while wearing a twenty pound weight vest. Gillian completed the challenge, and then celebrated by drinking a cold beer.

Kyle Jusczcyk, who grew up in Medina, Ohio, posted a video of him pulling his girlfriend, who was sitting on a sled that was tied to his back. Jusczcyk then ran off with the weight tied to his back. He also posted a video of him lifting a very large log.

Browns kicker, Austin Seibet, returned to his high school, where he was banging kicks through the uprights, from a whopping 64 yards just like he was in the regular season for the Browns.

In this trying time, it can be very difficult for all people to cope. However, NFL players are trying their best with whatever they have, whether it be a mega home gym or a simple community park. They are just doing their best to stay ready, and to do what they need to do.

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