The Cleveland Cavaliers have dropped two straight games.  In fact, they have lost five of their last six.  However, the young squad is sitting at 36-26 in the win-loss column, 6th in the Eastern Conference.

During the past five games, the Cavs lost to the Philadelphia 76ers, Atlanta Hawks, Detroit Pistons, Minnesota Timberwolves and the Charlotte Hornets.  In addition, they have another game against Philadelphia on Friday with the addition of James Harden.

In the remaining 15 games the Cavs have for March, 11 are against above .500 teams.

After losing Charlotte on Wednesday Night, Cavs Star Darius Garland stated that “We are not playing the same way we did in the first half of the season.”

Garland had been on the shelf with a back injury before Wednesday.  He went on to say, “We’ve got to get back to that.  We have been playing soft.  We’re giving up 38 points in a quarter that happened twice this week – that’s unacceptable.” “We’re not being ourselves right now.”

The Cavs have hit a speed bump as of late.  Their next-man-up, tough grit and locked-in mentality have not been sustained for an entire game in the past two weeks.

Should fans be alarmed?  If so, what should the concern be on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest extreme)?

My concern is at level seven.  Simply because this is not the time of year where teams should be playing their worst.  But they need to be showing the teams in their conference they are for real, especially in a stacked Eastern Conference.

I’m also concerned because the current playoff and play-in teams have had playoff experience in the past couple of years.  The Cavs need to show they belong and continue to instill fear in opponents, as they did before the All-Star break.

However, the Cavs still have time to get locked in and finish the season strong.  With the NBA playoffs starting next month, the Cavs could still finish in one of the top spots if they get back to the play, we saw in the first 55 games of the season.

How alarmed are you about the Cavs’ play as of late?  Let us know what you think.

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