February 24, 2021

“Houston We Have A Problem!” J.J. Watt, Oh Where Will He Land In Free Agency?

The swirling winds of trade talk and free agency in the NFL are in full force these wintry February days. On Friday, things got more intense as DE J.J. Watt came out on a video message speaking to his loyal Houston Texan fans. That after 10 years in Houston, he had agreed with the Texans front office to allow him to be released into free agency.

What makes this more intriguing to me at this very moment is that I just flew into George W. Bush Intercontinental Airport and as I turned my phone back on from “airport mode” while in flight, everyone that I know was texting and commenting about this abrupt news down in Houston.

In doing what I can for my beloved Cleveland Browns, I suggested to my friends and colleagues that I could recruit Watt right now since I’m in town and bring him back to the Browns. Sounds like a long shot? Ha!

I’m pretty good at carrying a room, for entertainment purposes, but I don’t think I have quite that much influence. But Cleveland Browns front office folks, if you’re reading this, I’m here and ready to represent!

Having Watt line up opposite Browns defensive end Myles Garrett could look really special! The Browns need help on the defensive side of things and a hardnosed, former Wisconsin Alum, like Watt, could really be awesome!

It’s surprising that Watt was given his release and his Texan QB Deshaun Watson reportedly asked to be traded or released weeks ago and the Texans Front Office said they won’t.

To this writer, it certainly doesn’t seem to add up.

So, let’s see what happens next?! The day is young, but “Houston We Have a Problem!” Stay tuned!

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