Hot Take Tuesday: Cavs First Round Edition


The Cavs start the playoffs this weekend! Here are our Hot Takes about the upcoming first round:


Alex Kaufman: Cavs sweep without needing Lebron to be superhuman.

Aaron Crowell: LeBron intentionally missed that second free throw, so he didn’t have to play Miami in the first round.

Jack Iles: LeBron averages a 30-point triple-double in a statement sweep.

Alex Cala: Cavs make it through the series completely healthy.

Max Gold: Throughout the series, we will see 20 point games from five different Cavaliers not named LeBron James.

Nicholas Pedone: Jose Calderon makes a legitimate case for himself to be the starting point guard in the first round.

Jacob Carrick: Cavs will have a 20-point comeback vs the Pacers in the first-round series for the second year in a row.

Joshua Ungar: Larry Nance gets a triple-double in the first round.

Max Meyerson: Clarkson is our second-leading scorer.

Jake Harris: Cavs get swept by the Pacers lol jk.

Andrew Fister: Jeff Green averages 16 a game and LeBron makes everyone read The Godfather.

Imari McPherson: Jeff Green averages a double-double

Dan Lukas: LeBron doesn’t do Zero Dark Thirty-23.

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