April 14, 2024

It’s been a rough stretch for the Cleveland Browns. So much so that I’ve literally written for the firing of head coach Kevin Stefanski and another calling for the firing of defensive coordinator Joe Woods.

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Anyway, there was a certain someone that give many fans hope and that was quarterback DeShaun Watson. The star was suspended for the first 11 games and is just eligible to come back to practice this week and can return to play Week 13 in Houston against the Texans.

Now, here’s the obvious problem. With the team at 3-6 after that wretched loss to the Dolphins in Miami, 39-17, even with a Watson return for the final six games the Dawgs may be done regardless.

What will Watson starting fix and what can’t it? That’s the big question.

Well, let’s start with the obvious.

DeShaun doesn’t play any type of defensive position. Thus, the defense is going to have to figure out their problems whether DeShaun Watson is starting or Rocky Balboa is punching at quarterback.

Next, DeShaun isn’t a member of the coaching staff. If the Browns keep coach Stefanski and Woods, they’ll have to make the game plan work. Watson could make that plan a lot easier, that’s for sure.

The good news? Watson will certainly help the offensive side of the ball. Current quarterback Jacoby Brissett is nothing more than an average backup and won’t be able to help the team contend as shown by their record.

Watson will make every single receiver better and will also make the running game better simply by defenses having to account for his passing ability. The Browns already have a fantastic running game with Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt and it can be even better.

Now, probably the biggest factor is Watson’s leadership. Just being an inspiration to a squad that’s been struggling of late and is clearly lacking that drive and fire. Watson can potentially give the guys some motivation for the final part of the season. That can help on both sides of the ball. Yes, even make the defense better in some ways just with their effort.

There has been so much drama with DeShaun Watson throughout these past months. It will be finally nice to see him out there in a regular season game wearing that orange and brown to try and help the team win games.

Remember! Watson is signed for five years. He will be a member of the Cleveland Browns throughout the 2026 season. This is a long-term project and as the old saying goes:

“It’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon.”

There will be many people after this season (unless the Browns somehow go on a winning streak and make the playoffs), that will say the Watson signing was a terrible decision. This is especially if he struggles in those final games this year.

Well, a lot of changes will be made this off-season. Seeing Watson get to start at the beginning of the year is the only way to truly know what to expect out of him as the leader of the Browns.

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