Holdout: Should Browns Fans Be Worried About Amari Cooper?


Certainly, Browns fans have two worries that are most prevalent heading into this upcoming season and those would have to do with injuries. That of both quarterback DeShaun Watson and running back Nick Chubb. The elite star players of the team have to keep their respective shoulders and knees healthy over the year for success. However, wide receiver Amari Cooper is making things interesting.

The wide receiver is holding out because of contract negotiations. Via ESPN:

Cooper, who turns 30 next Monday, is entering the final year of a five-year, $100 million deal he originally signed as a member of the Dallas Cowboys He has a base salary of $20 million in 2024, none of which is guaranteed.

Last season, Cooper caught 72 balls for 1,250 yards (17.4-yard average) and five touchdowns for the Browns. Since 2015, Cooper has 667 catches for 9,486 yards (14.2-yard average) and 60 touchdowns overall.

The Browns obviously need Cooper in uniform for this year and beyond to have success with whoever is the quarterback for the team and that is clear.

This is what quarterback DeShaun Watson said about Cooper via NBC:

“He’s the best in the game, and I believe that,” Watson told reporters. “He shows it each and every year. He showed it the last two years with different quarterbacks. So, I think you got to put him up there, if not the best.”

Watson also said he has no problem with Cooper taking a stand.

“Amari is our brother, our teammate, we support him, and the decisions that he got to make for himself is on Amari,” Watson said. “But everyone in this locker room respects him and knows exactly what he’s about. And whenever he gets back, he’s going to be ready to go. . . . He’s got to handle what he got to handle, and nobody is looking any different on him. And like I said, we all support him. And he was here this weekend with us, and we had a good time.”

I respect Cooper taking a stand and think the Browns would be dumb to do anything besides work out the best deal possible with this star. After all, as previously said, there is no way the Browns can have success without this star wide receiver playing in Cleveland.

Let’s hope the Dawgs can work this out and it doesn’t become any bigtime issues moving forward. Wide receivers as a whole are simply getting paid more around the league. After all, any day missed from camp is not good for the team.

As a whole, I believe the wide out may take a stand but it certainly will be worked out out as the season gets closer. Thus, as fans, I would not fret over this holdout so to speak.

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