Hit the Quan has taken on a whole new meaning here in the middle of June 2024 and no, this is not another Hip-Hop song. This could be a representation of how Steven Kwan’s bat is lighting up opponents since his return from the injury list. It’s certainly hard to imagine a top four team getting any stronger, but the Guardians seem to have done just that. Let’s take a look at some of the numbers.

The leadoff hitter is all about making contact and getting on base, something Steven Kwan has been doing exceptionally well. Kwan has been batting a .397 average in 45 games this year and over a whopping .500 average in the last 13 games (51 AB’s). Steven is in the middle of a 13-game hit streak, the longest of the season. He has hit .500 or better in 15 games this year, accounting for 33% of games played.  His OBP % is .450 and would lead the league if he hadn’t gotten injured and qualified for minimum plate appearances. He has brought a reliable and patient bat to the plate game after game, and the team is hoping that will continue. Can he make history? Kwan is attempting to reach over the .400 mark in a season for the first time since 1941 with a minimum of 500 plate appearances. He already has 201 appearances and virtually has three more months (91 games) to accumulate the accolade. Of course, individual goals won’t mean anything if you do not win a championship, however, it’s something fun we can continue to monitor as the season progresses.

Kwan entered this season on a one-year deal and undoubtedly will receive an extension with a continued performance. The Guardians have so far juiced everything out of this $757k contract and should look to lock him up before free agency hits after this season.

Despite the hot hitting of Kwan, The Guards have only won seven of their last 14 games since he has returned. The Guardians lead their division and are only four games back from the Yanks who currently hold the best record in the MLB. They face a tough three-series stretch after their last game against Seattle, with Toronto, Baltimore and Kansas City consecutively. After that, we are home to the White Sox who took three of four against us back in early May. Kwan played in three of those games and batted .500 against them.

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