Hey, Moms – Here’s Why You Should Let Your Kids Watch The Games!!


Let me preface this article by saying that I am not a parent myself. My late-Poppa would want me to jokingly say, “at least…not that I know of.” Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, Helen and all the other moms out there on this wonderful occasion.

I think it’s crucial for Moms to understand the importance of a child growing up to be given the opportunity of getting to watch the games, even the late ones! Whichever city your family currently is will have teams to root for, of course. (Or just become Cleveland Fans – like the cool kids).

Part of growing up is attending school and making friends and it’s easy to become close with people when sharing the same bond in fandom. No matter who you are or how you look you’re able to connect with people because you share being fans of the same team; I know I did. Being able to talk about each game, various plays or storylines and so on and so forth helps connect in school.

Additionally, I believe sports make kids smarter. From the beginning of learning the way the games are played to hearing how the broadcasters announce and that type of language projected. I think it helps children progress on many different fronts.

Also, it can open up a future career or hobby in writing, reporting, broadcasting or even using that to start a career in a different field with extended knowledge.

Within the last year I lost my Grandma Annette and Bubbe Marilyn, two wonderful moms that I was lucky to have a part of my family for many years.

With Grandma, I remember the many opportunities to get to watch the games with her and spend that special time throughout my life.

With Bubbe, it was also the same but I have one specific memory that I will never, ever forget.

I was at Bubbe’s house on July 14, 2002, thus about 12 years ago. We had the Indians game on and they were playing the New York Yankees. My gosh, I hated the Yankees so much. It was an afternoon and former Indians player Bill Selby hit a HUGE walk-off grand slam off of legendary closer Mariano Rivera in the bottom of the ninth inning to give the Indians a 10-7 win.

I ran from the living room screaming and yelling and slipped on the floor, banging my chin and began crying tears of joy. After I recovered, my Bubbe took me to Bob Evans to eat. I’ve talked about that day a million times.

Memories are probably the post important part of sports. Whether it be in your own head, with family, friends or on a different front.

That’s why if your kid watches the games, it’ll end up paying off in some capacity. It certainly has for me in many different ways.

Happy Mother’s Day!

To watch the highlight of the Selby home run you can CLICK HERE

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