Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

Hey, LeBron: Miss Us?

The Lakers are in shambles. Indiana just trounced them, 136-94. LeBron James played and it really didn’t change anything. The team is now 27-27 and in 10th place in the Western Conference, which is out of the playoffs.

Imagine a LeBron James-led team not making the playoffs. It’s unreal…

When LeBron was deciding where to play this past summer, I always went back to the fact that the Lakers had a horrible roster and it would not make sense for The King to leave Cleveland and go there to compete for a championship, simply because they wouldn’t make it there.

Clearly, that was the case as their current record shows.

Now, the Cavs are not doing well without LeBron in our city, either. Not well at all, actually. The team is 11-43 and in 14th place in the East. It goes to show just how good LeBron was and how much of a positive impact he made on the Cavs.

But he chose to leave.

Yeah, I know him and Owner Dan Gilbert did not get along. I know the Cavs traded Kyrie Irving and the chances of winning a championship were slim even if James stayed.

But not making the playoffs? That wasn’t even a thought in the years past. How big a stain on James’ legacy will that leave at the end of this season?

Obviously, Los Angeles is a lot more fun a place to live in than the Cleveland area. Regardless, making the playoffs is the priority for LeBron and company.

So, LeBron? How do you feel right now? Your chances of making the playoffs are decreasing and even if you make them, the chances of winning any type of title are very slim.

A part of me laughs because I wanted you to stay way back when, but now that what is done is done, you sort of asked for this outcome.

I appreciate everything you did for this city and, of course, the 2016 Championship. But you chose to leave…never forget that, sir.

Cleveland misses you, but we don’t miss the drama…that I can tell you!

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