March 3, 2024

Today is the day! The Browns are in Houston to face the Texans in this wild-card playoff matchup! Now, everyone knows my favorite collection of movies are the ROCKY series yet another close one is MIRACLE.

I love the speech given by Coach Herb Brooks of Team USA Hockey:

“Great moments are born from great opportunity.

And that’s what you have here tonight, boys.

That’s what you’ve earned here, tonight.

One game.”

It’s true.

The Browns have one game to focus on and obviously, there would be more to the story to reach the ultimate goal. However, it’s the game in Houston that matters now and it’s what carries the meaning.

My entire life there’s been talk of all the misery in Browns History from The Drive, The Fumble and the countless years of losing. This team is different and special, overcoming the many adversities of injuries, losing quarterbacks and so much more.

Game after game the Browns continued to fight in such a difficult season that many chalked up as over, finished, done. It was “time to start thinking about the draft and such because we’re cursed.”

So, what’s it going to be in this one?

What play is going to be made that makes this victory possible?

What are we going to look back on and smile about?

I harken around to a different sport as the Cavaliers won The Finals. Kyrie Irving had his shot from beyond the arc and LeBron with his block in such an amazing fashion. It’s those plays that are looked upon as moments that won such an amazing series.

What play or collection of plays wins it for the Browns in Houston?

Who catches that pass, scores that touchdown or makes the play on defense?

The questions could be countless, the analysis endless, but this is a team that’s filled with heart and spirit. A group of men that any opponent should be afraid of in a single playoff football game.

What an opportunity that has arrived in Houston. Yes, Houston. You do have a problem.

A gift that has been so few and far between in Cleveland with years of losing football. It’s so exciting and we know this team will be ready to go.

The Browns used to be the losers every single season. Not this year. It’s playoff football time and we’re ready to rock and roll. Now go out there and take it!

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