Us Browns fans, desperate as always, complained during the opening days of free agency that our front office wasn’t making any moves. Big name free agents were flying off the board left and right, leaving the Browns to soak in their misery some more.

Days passed, and after the signing of former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline being the only positive news thus far, GM Ray Farmer finally made a splash. The team signed cornerback Tramon Williams from Green Bay and defensive tackle Randy Starks from Miami.

Williams – 3 yrs, 21 mil.

Starks – 2 yrs, 8 mil.

Here’s two significant numbers – 32 & 31.

Both of these players are “elderly” in football terms, and only have a few more years left in the tank. Right now, the Browns aren’t anywhere close to competing for the division title.

Common football knowledge is that you build through the draft, and then plug the leftover holes with specific free agents that fit the job. Problem is the geniuses running this team haven’t been able to draft the right players for years. Last year’s first round one of the biggest embarrassments to date. Although that still can improve. #StayPositive

So here the Browns are doing exactly what we wanted them to do (which was anything). Yet in reality, it’s only putting two band-aids on a giant, 16 year old gash. It’s unlikely that either Williams, who made 3 interceptions and 70 tackles last years, or Starks, a versatile defensive lineman, will even be with us when this team eventually (whenever that is) has the talent to compete for a Super Bowl.

But you know what, the Browns have no one to blame but themselves. Years of piss-poor drafting have left them in a situation where talent will be wasted amongst mediocrity. Williams and Starks could have been two key ingredients to a championship run. Instead, they’re put into a situation where they can only help so much.

So we thank the Browns in actually putting in some successful effort in bringing two very good players to town. Guys that will make our bad football team look a little better. While at the same time we recognize that those additions won’t be much of a help because the rest of the team is to shambles right now.

It’s going to take 3-4 MORE years of exemplary drafting and sound free agent additions to build a team that’s ready. And you know that’s a tall tale to ask of this franchise.

Here’s two more numbers – 36, 35. Think about it.


-Zach Shafron


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