Hold your breath, ladies and gentlemen. The GOAT is back!

After dealing with Covid-19 and watching his boys narrowly pull away with wins, I am sure that DE Myles Garrett is happy to be back in the lineup and on the field this Sunday against the Titans. I really hope the Titans are ready to get utterly destroyed on Sunday. Because I am sure Garrett is itching to wreck them.

With Garrett back, the Browns are looking good for the rest of the season to make the postseason. I’m not saying that he is our saving grace, but we have been struggling and last week with a win that we snuck out over the laughing stock of the NFL, we need all the help we can get. Sadly, that has been a theme this season for the Browns, but each week we come away with a win. The Football Gods are looking down on us this season and frankly, I am okay with that. In the last two weeks, our defensive line has had a huge gaping hole that now thankfully is not a hole anymore.

Garrett, who is still in the top-five for sacks and top-five for forced fumbles, should have an easy time with the Titans offensive line who have given up 15 total sacks on quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Yes, the Titans are 1st in the AFC South and yes, they did beat the Ravens and Colts a few weeks ago. That being said, it should be no problem for our knight in shining armor to get back there and do what he does best.

Garrett was quoted in an interview about dealing with Covid 19 and coming back and he ended the interview with the theme of wanting to get back to work and doing what he was originally put here to do. Win games and be a terror for opposing teams’ offensive lines.

I believe that with Garrett’s return, things will get back to normal for the Browns. I think that defensively we will be more than all right. Offensively, we still have some room for improvement, but what team doesn’t struggle week in and week out? All I’m saying is that for all the haters and doubters the Browns have had this season need to take notice of not only what Garrett’s return means to the team, but the organization as a whole.

We are 8-3. When is the last time we had a season where we were over .500 this late into the season?

Welcome back Garrett, go kick some ass.

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