Here’s Why Deshaun Watson Shouldn’t Play in Preseason AT ALL


Look, there is no question that Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson is going to get a suspension to start the regular season. We thought it was originally only going to be six games, now it may look like the NFL is seeking a lengthier suspension of potentially a full season.

Well, reports are that the Browns plan to start Watson in the first preseason game in Jacksonville this coming Friday. Here’s why this is a bad idea and the team should have him sit:

As the Browns have seen simply from practice, injuries do occur. We all saw it with the tough news of wide receiver Jakeem Grant’s season-ending torn left Achilles.

There is always a risk of injury and this is true with preseason games. If Watson were to play in the game against the Jaguars, there is always a chance of injury.

Hypothetically, say Watson does get injured and it’s severe. The problem with that is it would delay any type of suspension that is already going to happen. Thus, it’s better to play it safe and let Watson simply cheer on the team from the sideline because we all know said suspension is coming. Let the quarterbacks in Jacoby Bressett and Josh Rosen play. Those that are actually going to be the quarterbacks for the Browns this regular season.

Sure, it would be fun to see Watson out there wearing that Browns uniform as the quarterback. But, as they say…you just never know.

Additionally, there could be news that comes out before the game itself that eliminates the idea of the team starting Watson anyway. There could be a clause of some type within the NFL’s new punishment that does not allow Watson to play in the preseason either.

After all, isn’t that what the NFL wants? To not have Watson on the football field in any capacity? Via ESPN Roger Goodell said Tuesday that the NFL seeks a tougher penalty for Deshaun Watson because the QB’s actions were “egregious” and “predatory behavior.”

There has always been debate on if the preseason actually matters and if it does anything for the team before the regular season. The last thing anyone wants is Watson to get hurt, thus his suspension to be delayed until the 2023 season and make this seemingly never-ending story a lengthier one.

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