March 3, 2024

Let me preface this article by saying this is a complete conspiracy and nothing in this post is proven or confirmed at all. It’s complete thoughts and theory.

Everyone knows what an addict is and that is unfortunately what Deshaun Watson was in the past.

This via Forbes: Watson was accused of sexual misconduct and harassment by 26 women in 2021 and 2022. According to multiple allegations, Watson would schedule a massage with a female therapist. Once alone with the therapist, he would try to coerce her into various sexual acts. 

Anyway, of course, the Browns signed Watson to the giant contract despite all of this and he served an 11-game suspension by the NFL in 2022 before starting his tenure with Cleveland.

This past week was very bizarre. It appeared like Watson was going to play against the Ravens and that’s what his teammates thought too. Instead, backup Dorian Tompson-Robinson got the start and we all know how that went. The Browns lost 28-3 against Baltimore and DTR was terrible.

This week it was reported on Monday that DTR and other backup PJ Walker got the reps in practice while Watson was inside.

Uhh…what? Where are you, Deshaun? What’s wrong, Deshaun?

The Browns have a huge game against the 49ers and the starter isn’t even practicing? The same starter that just got his teammates pissed by sitting a big divisional game against the Ravens that came as very unexpected.

Thus, the conspiracy is what if there’s more to the story? What if Watson slipped up again and did something that was bad in his personal life and the Browns are simply covering it up with said shoulder injury?

Now, maybe the shoulder is true. Watson could have a shoulder issue simply being a hindrance and that’s it. However, the way these past say 10 days or so have gone is so very bizarre.

I hope that everything is alright, but it’s about time we saw our starter practicing, being straightforward with his teammates and ultimately starting in games throughout the rest of the reason. This guy is making so much money and it needs to be clear with everyone.

What is going on, Browns? Please tell us as soon as possible. If something bad is happening, everyone deserves to know the truth not just as fans but because of the size of the contract given and many other factors that will determine the outcome of this season and beyond.



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