Hey, Cleveland!

Well, the NFL released the 2018 regular season schedule. I have to be honest; I find this partly exciting and partly scary. I think many Browns fans are still a little bit shell-shocked after last year. But time to move forward. Hey, my facial tic finally went away…that’s progress! (I’m completely serious about that, by the way.)
So, in case you’ve not seen our schedule, here’s a peek at what we have in store for the fast-approaching season.

Week 1: Sept. 9 – Pittsburgh Steelers – 1 p.m./CBS
Week 2: Sept. 16 – at New Orleans Saints – 1 p.m./Fox
Week 3: Sept. 20 (Thu) – New York Jets – 8:20 p.m./NFLN
Week 4: Sept. 30 – at Oakland Raiders – 4:05 p.m./Fox
Week 5: Oct. 7 – Baltimore Ravens – 1 p.m./CBS
Week 6: Oct. 14 – L.A. Chargers – 1 p.m./CBS
Week 7: Oct. 21 – at Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 1 p.m./Fox
Week 8: Oct. 28 – at Pittsburgh Steelers – 1 p.m./CBS
Week 9: Nov. 4 – Kansas City Chiefs – 1p.m./ CBS
Week 10: Nov. 11 – Atlanta Falcons – 1 p.m./Fox
Week 11: Nov. 18 – BYE
Week 12: Nov. 25 – at Cincinnati Bengals – 1 p.m./CBS
Week 13: Dec. 2 – at Houston Texans – 1 p.m./CBS
Week 14: Dec. 9 – Carolina Panthers – 1 p.m./Fox
Week 15: Dec. 15 (Sat) – at Denver Broncos – TBD/NFLN
Week 16: Dec. 23 – Cincinnati Bengals – 1 p.m./CBS
Week 17: Dec. 30 – at Baltimore Ravens – 1 p.m./CBS

I think it is worth noting that by last season’s standards, we have the fifth toughest schedule in the NFL this year. Additionally, we are in prime time on September 20th against the New York Jets. This could be a great chance to shut up the haters if we can convincingly put away the Jets, who were 5-11 last season.

We have some talent coming at us from the NFC South this season; the Atlanta Falcons and the Carolina Panthers will be dropping by First Energy Stadium and we head down to New Orleans to face Drew Brees and company, as well as paying a visit to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Our in-conference meetings will be tough and emotionally charged as is the norm.

I don’t have magic predictions; I have some cautious hope which will ebb and flow as we move past next week’s NFL Draft, into OTA’s and training camp. I think it’s safe to say that we will improve on last year’s record. Nope, I’m not creeping out on any limbs here, at least not yet.

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