The 6 characteristics new Head Coach Mike Pettine looks for in each of his players. He created the “Play Like A Brown” mantra which stands for being mentally and physically tough. Pettine is known around the league and also by fans as being the no excuse coach. He is serious, focused, and motivated.

So who is Mike Pettine? And how did he get here?

First off he’s just a regular guy from Pennsylvania. His dad was a longtime high school football coach. His father is legendary in PA. In 2001 he took a job to join the Baltimore Ravens (So he’s got a little AFC North grittiness in him already). Pettine then went to the New York Jets as their DC. It is said that Pettine deserves a lot of credit for his #1 ranked defense in 2009. After his contract he accepted the job to become the Buffalo Bills DC. And here we are. After the Browns long coaching search Mike Pettine was the guy that they decided on.

So far he has coached 2 preseason games. (0-2) But don’t let that be a sign. I believe that this season is going to be very rocky, don’t get me wrong, but I like what Pettine brings to the table. Looking only at his presence, and not coach intangibles, he has recreated what being a Cleveland Brown is. He is reshaping the mindset that the players have developed for years now. Losing season after losing season, it gets hard for the players to get too energized to suit up for the Brownies. But he is bringing toughness, competition, and a hard-nose attitude to the situation. While he may not be what I would consider a perfect coach, I think that he is important right now in a role to change the atmosphere.

Some of you may not like what I write, but I will be truthful. I do not see Pettine coaching the Browns in 2019. I don’t. If he is, great, that means its working out and I would love to see that for my Brownies. However, I think that Haslam brought him in as a last resort, I believe that he is just a transitional guy. He is a defensive coach. Which I love. The last 2 coaches were offensive and you all saw how lovely that turned out. (Even though I was a fan of Chud) I think that AFC North coaches do better being defensive. That’s just how our division is. Hasalm gives him a few years, change the mindset of the players, and then when the right coach comes along (Bill Cowher) you then get him to lead the players.

With that being said, I don’t see him as a total failure, I don’t. I think that his purpose is to turn the franchise around. That starts with the mentality of the players, which I think he’s working on. That translates to the field, players start to win in a year or so, and bang! Job looks more appealing to good coaches, and we get the right coach to lead the Browns in the future. Lets say that Johnny Manziel is pretty good in 3 years. Our defense is stellar of course, and we go 10-6. Not bad, everyone’s happy. Then we are able to get Bill Cowher out of hiatus to coach us. No one is upset we let Pettine go for Bill Cowher.

I tend to be a little radical. (Start Manziel!) So my theory may be off, and I accept that. But you know what, he’s got a good OC in Kyle Shanahan, and a guy he’s comfortable with as his DC. Maybe it will work out. Like I said, I HOPE IT DOES. I’m just being a writer and doing what writers do. Speculating. With all the luck to Pettine, he finds himself in a tough situation. QB uncertainty. Stay with Hoyer, start Johnny, Josh Gordon suspension dragging, Offense looks completely discombobulated after 2 preseason games, and a team that hasn’t made the playoffs since the ’02 wild card.

We will see what happens. This is one of the most anticipated Browns seasons I can remember. If we struggle will it be Pettine’s fault? No. Not all of it. The players have to play. But blame will come to Pettine. Especially any way he decides the QB battle.

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I will leave you with this Quote

“You have to be willing to bloody your nose a little bit.” Mike Pettine

Update: Mike Pettine named Hoyer starter. We will see how that decision affects him.

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