He Who Quits First, Laughs Last


As the grass begins to turn green, leaves return to the trees, temperatures continue to rise, so approaches the beginning of baseball season.

Free Agency in Major League Baseball (known as the Hot Stove) cooked with some very spicy ingredients throughout winter and into the spring. However, one of the most recognizable acquisitions occurred via trade that sent Cleveland Indians SS Francisco Lindor and SP Carlos Carrasco to the New York Mets. The trade is not the center of this media firestorm. Fans of the Kings of the Cuyahoga likely had it fixed in their minds Frankie would likely be gone after the 2021 season. It was what Lindor stated while the Mets are in Florida that has Clevelanders angry.

In a virtual meeting with the press, Lindor commented on how the struggles of last year’s shortened, 60 game season took a toll on him physically because “he did not give his best in the weight room and it showed.”

Issue number one: You play a kid’s game making a salary commensurate with that of some countries’ G(ross) D(omestic) P(roduct).

Issue number two: You are one of the preeminent players at your position in the entire sport. What kind of example are you setting?

Issue number three: You have gone from a small market in Cleveland to the largest media market on the face of the planet in New York. It could be safe to assume the press in the Big Apple “don’t wanna hear it.”

Issue number four: How can you admit this while in the uniform of your new team and no meaningful play has yet to commence?

Issue number five: This statement was uttered as you enter free agency and even though the Mets have expressed interest in signing you to a long-term deal, seems to come at an inopportune time. What message are you sending potential suitors? Will this be a potential downfall should you have an off-year?

Francisco, the words you spoke may be true and accurate. Should they have been said? Time will tell. Lindor is in line to receive one of the biggest deals in the history of the Majors. Hopefully, for him, his play on the field will speak louder than what he said and he will perform at a level worthy of a very lucrative deal.

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