Have a Day, Jose Ramirez

Updated: September 3, 2017

One of the superstars of the 2017 Cleveland Indians is infielder, Jose Ramirez. When he first came up to the big leagues, no one expected too much from him. However, after a fantastic season last year, he’s continued that success this season and turned into a key piece in yet another run to the postseason. In Sunday’s game against the Tigers, he did what very few have ever done.

Five extra base hits. Two home runs. Three doubles. Three runs batted in. Three runs scored.

The Indians went into Detroit and absolutely dominated the declining Tigers, winning the game by a score of 11-1 (probably would’ve won if Jose went 0-5). It completed a four-game sweep and was the 11th win in a row for the Tribe. The Indians are now 80-56 with a nine-game lead over the Minnesota Twins for the division lead.

The Magic Number sits at 18.

On the year, J Ram is hitting .310 with 22 HR and 66 RBI. He also leads the league in extra base hits with 70.

Only two other Indians have had five extra base hits in a game. Lou Boudreau (1946) and Kelly Shoppach (2008). Not sure how Shoppach did that as he kinda sucked, but the history books do not lie.

Another interesting note is that Ramirez is the 13th player ever to hit five extra base hits in a game. But, he is the first switch-hitter to do it, which is absolutely astounding.

No one has ever had six in a game.

But man are these Indians are fun to watch. It’s incredible feats like what Ramirez did in Detroit that make this run such a treat to watch. As a fan of this team, you just never know what you might see during any given game.

Yes, another October is looking more and more likely for Cleveland and Jose Ramirez has certainly played a huge role in that happening. He is once again scorching hot and is finding those alleys if the ball even stays in the park.

Just keep on hitting, kid.

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