February 25, 2024

Happy 1-31 Day!

For those of you that don’t understand and that’s okay, 1-31 is today’s date and it was also the total record the Cleveland Browns went with Hue Jackson as the head coach for two seasons. Yes, the team only won a single game.

The Browns won a 2015 Week 16 matchup against the San Diego Chargers by a score of 20-17. That was the only win that year (1-15). In the following season, the team went 0-16.  Ironically, that year the Browns won all four preseason games.

The Dawgs would then win a Week 3 Matchup against the New York Jets the following season by a score of 21-17. (Did tie against the Steelers Week 1). That season the team would finish with a 7-8-1 record overall.

Just the thought of the Browns going 1-31 over the course of two seasons and that we as fans survived is incredible to look back upon. The absolute shit show that was this franchise over the course of those two years.

I recently wrote an article that was essentially extremely critical of the Browns’ performance in the playoffs in this latest season with the team losing to the Texans by a score of 45-14.

But, hey.

We were actually in the playoffs. Cleveland had a ton of injuries and lots of changes at quarterback and still managed to go 11-6 and make the Wildcard Round. I’m not good at math but with the pace of the Browns over those two seasons it would take them 22 years of football to win 11 games.

Thus, maybe appreciating a season that was filled with winning despite not going all the way to the Super Bowl is better than being a cynical d-bag like I was in the article about the playoff loss.

This current Browns team has a bright future with head coach Kevin Stefanski, the new offensive coordinator in Ken Dorsey (former Browns QB, by the way) and mostly everyone that was on the playoff roster coming back.

What’s the coolest thing about this city is everyone stuck with the Browns despite all the losing. There was even a 0-16 parade that fans created truly out of love. No one gave up on this franchise and that’s what’s so special about Cleveland.

What I’m trying to say is that we should be excited about what is upcoming despite the fact that the Browns aren’t in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl this year. The future is bright and we all made it through the most difficult of times.


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