Greatest Players In Houston Texans In History


Once upon a time, Houston Texas couldn’t reach the postseason. Try as they might, they were never able to reach the playoffs. After almost a decade of struggle, they finally bridged the gap into legendary gameplay.


It has come to a point where those participating in NFL betting know that Houston is almost always in the postseason. 


So who are the phenomenal players that brought Texas its glory? Time to find out!


  1.  Andre Johnson – 2003 to 2014

Johnson was the best wide receiver the Texans had ever seen. Through his 11 years of playing, he only appeared in the playoffs in the 2011-2012 season.


Johnson made it to 3 All Pro games and 4 Pro Bowls. He was also the first Houston player to receive multiple pro selections.


Johnson made such an impact on the team, that he became the first player to ever receive a Texan Ring of Honor.


  1. J.J Watt – 2011 to 2020

Watt was not just the best defensive player to grace Texas, he’s also one of the best defensive players of all time.


J.J Watt has won the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award 3 times! His first award was in 2012, second in 2014, and third in 2015. Watt really raised the bar for defensive ends ever since he entered the Texan team.


  1. DeAndre Hopkins – 2013 to 2019

Hopkins was the most reliable player that Houston Texas had ever seen. If you were placing bets on who would play, you’d be playing safe by putting Hopkins’ name down. 


Throughout his seven-year history with Houston Texas, Hopkins only missed 2 games.


Hopkins was reliable in more ways than one too. You knew that no matter what, Hopkins would reach at least 800 yards every season. He didn’t once drop lower than that figure, and in 5 seasons he didn’t go lower than 1,000 yards.


  1. Arian Foster – 2009 to 2015

In his prime, Foster was the best running back. Period. All of the rushing records in the Texan record books are held by or even created by Foster.


Foster had a strange start to the NFL field, as he wasn’t allowed onto the green as a rookie. It was only in the final 6 games of his first-ever season that Foster was allowed to play for his team.


If Foster hadn’t torn his ACL in 2015, he may have lasted more than 6 years on the team, and we may have had more records under Foster’s name.


  1. Duane Brown – 2008 to 2017

Brown had a great start to his career, completing the drafts in the first round and placing as Texas’ starting left tackle.


It didn’t take long for Brown to become one of the best offensive players in Houston Texas history. Adding Brown to the team, meant that Houston finally had a good offensive year – one for the record books.


Although tensions between Brown and Houston grew in his final years with the team, that shouldn’t take away from the amazing games played in his early seasons.


  1. Mario Williams – 2006 to 2011

Texas won the lottery when Williams became their first pick in 2006. With this defensive end in play, Williams was able to update every one of Houston’s defensive record books. 


For the first four seasons, Williams played in every game. This meant that he had the most play time available, giving him the space he needed to dominate the field.


  1. Matt Schaub – 2007 to 2013

Want to recognize the best passing marker in Texan history? Look no further than Matt Schaub. This quarterback was the reason why Houston was finally able to reach postseason contention.


His best season ever was in 2009. Here he managed to create 4,770 passing yards in his second year of play. 


  1. Jonathan Joseph – 2011 to 2019

Joseph was another rookie picked in the first round of the drafts. Everyone had high expectations due to his college stats, but it took 5 years for Joseph to make a dent within the Bengals team.


Eventually, he became a premier cornerback for the Bengals, which gave Texas a reason to go for the steal. They bought Joseph for $48.75 million and from that point onward Texas was in the playoffs.


  1. Chris Myers – 2008 to 2014

Rushing for 800 yards in a season is considered a standard for Texans now. But before Myer joined the team, it was a rare occurrence. 


Myers joined the offensive line as a center, and with him on the ball, those rare 800 yards turned into constant 1,000 yards.


  1. Brian Cushing – 2009 to 2017

Our last player to show you is Brian Cushing. This linebacker made an instant improvement to the team as a simple rookie. He was the most productive defensive player the team had seen and set the standard for everyone else who followed.



You can see that none of our top players joined the team past 2003, and that’s because nothing good happened to the team before then. In the end, Houston managed to turn their luck around and that’s all due to the players above.


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