This year’s NFL Draft is approaching and now I want to take a look back at our previous drafts. In 2013, the Browns drafted 5 players. We did not have a second round pick due to the fact that the Browns got a supplemental draft pick in the 2012 Draft. We used that draft pick to get 2013 NFL receiving yards leader/2013 Pro Bowler WR Josh Gordon. So that worked out pretty well. But let’s take a look at who we actually drafted.

1st Round (6th overall): Barkevious Mingo, LB, LSU

Mingo plays outside linebacker and man, he knows how to find the ball carrier. After a solid rookie season, Mingo finished with 29 total tackles and 5 sacks. I was impressed with how he played most of the time. I think Mingo could really develop into a Pro Bowler. I think is play during his sophomore season will define his career. If he plays well, he could flourish into a great player. If he doesn’t play well, it could mean bad things for the future.

Grade: B+

3rd Round (68th overall): Leon McFadden, CB, San Diego State

I liked the McFadden pick when it happened, but now I’m a bit disappointed with his performance. McFadden recorded 13 total tackles and 1 pass deflection. He also recorded a defensive pass interference penalty in the Browns vs. Patriots game that helped New England win the game. Was it really pass interference? I don’t think so, but he still committed the penalty that gave the Patriots the game. Besides that play, McFadden did nothing that was very memorable. I could definitely see him improving and playing fairly better in his sophomore year.

Grade: C-

6th round (175th overall): Jamoris Slaughter, S, Notre Dame

Slaughter was a player I didn’t know much about. I knew he was coming off an Achilles injury and that was really it. If he hadn’t been injured, he probably could have been a 3rd round pick. He played well in college, but got injured his senior year. I actually really liked the pick when I looked into Slaughter and honestly, I still really like the pick. He is on the practice squad and I could really see him playing in a game fairly soon.

Grade: C

7th Round (217th overall): Armonty Bryant, DL, East Central

For a 7th round pick, I was happy with the way Armonty played. 8 total tackles and played on around 17% of defensive plays. Armonty could really develop into a solid starter. His only negative note was that he was arrested for DUI shortly after being drafted. He got a second chance and performed well, but he needs to continue playing well and working hard. If issues with the law continue, a new coaching staff may not have patience and let him develop.

Grade: C+

7th Round (227th overall): Garrett Gilkey, OL, Chadron St.

He started in the last game of the season vs. Pittsburgh and played fairly average. What I do like about Gilkey is he seems like a really nice guy and he is a good guy to have in the locker room. If he improves, he can become a productive player and be a good locker room guy, which is valuable these days.

Grade: C-

the 2013 Draft didn’t produce immediate superstars for the Browns. However, it did provide us with some good players with a lot of potential. If I were to give this draft a grade overall, it would probably been a C+ . Gilkey was the only offensive player we added, although we did give up draft picks to acquire Josh Gordon and Davone Bess. We probably could have added a running back, though at the time, we had Trent Richardson. This draft was pretty solid. Not the greatest, but not the worst, either.

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