Well, the draft is getting closer and closer, so let’s take another walk down memory lane. In 2011, we drafted 8 players. We didn’t have any 3rd or 6th round draft picks. This draft class’ first round selection was Phil Taylor. Taylor was picked 21st overall. So let’s actually take a look at everyone we drafted.

1st Round (21st overall): Phil Taylor, DL, Baylor

Phil Taylor is quite the defensive lineman. I like him a lot. He’s good at causing pressure and getting in the QB’s face. In his first 3 years, he has had 99 combined tackles, 7 sacks, and a forced fumble. I think Phil Taylor will be in Cleveland for a while because he is playing well and he likes it here.

Grade: A-

2nd Round (37th overall): Jabaal Sheard, DL/LB, Pitt

I thought Phil Taylor was a good pick. Jabaal Sheard is even better. In his first three years he has recorded 146 combined tackles, 21 sacks, 7 forced fumbles, and 9 pass deflections. Sheard is a great player with tremendous potential. I really like Phil Taylor, but I like Jabaal Sheard even more. This pick really paid off for the Browns and I am so happy that it happened.

Grade: A+

2nd Round (59th overall): Greg Little, WR, North Carolina

Greg Little has played okay, but there is one thing that has always plagued him. Drops. If he could just hold on to the ball, he would be a very decent receiver. In his first 3 years, he has 1,821 yards receiving and 8 touchdowns. If he had not dropped so many passes, his stats would be much more impressive. Greg also has a bit of an attitude. He likes to talk on the field. I kind of like Greg, but until he can hold on to the ball, he will just be a mediocre receiver.

Grade: C-

4th Round (102nd overall): Jordan Cameron, TE, Southern Cal

We are just beginning to find out about Jordan. 78% of his career receiving yards came during last year. What we found out was that Jordan Cameron could become an elite tight end. Chemistry issues between Cameron and Jason Campbell stunted his production a bit last year. I believe Cameron could be a 1,000 yard and 10 TD per year TE. If he continues to develop, we will have ourselves a heck of a tight end to work with. This pick looks great now that Jordan is producing.

Grade: B+

4th Round (124th overall): Owen Marecic, FB, Stanford

This is probably the low point of the draft, in my opinion. Owen Marecic never produced and seemed to always make me mad when he was on the field. I always looked at Owen as Lawrence Vickers’ replacement. So I compared Marecic to Vickers a lot. Vickers was a good fullback, so that’s probably why Owen looked like such trash to me. Marecic is no longer on the Browns roster.

Grade: D-

5th Round (137th overall): Buster Skrine, DB, Chattanooga

Let’s get back to happy thoughts. I really like Buster. I really like the Joe Haden-Buster Skrine duo. Skrine has played in every game in the past three years and has produced well. In his three years, he recorded 168 combined tackles, 31 pass deflections, two interceptions, and a sack. Skrine has really played well and I think he was a huge steal for the Browns.

Grade: B+

5th Round (150th overall): Jason Pinkston, OL, Pitt

Pinkston has been a very solid offensive lineman. I like Pinkston and he has played pretty well during his three years in Cleveland. Jason could be a very solid and effective lineman and I hope we keep him for a while. I think this was very solid considering it was a 5th round pick.

Grade: B-

7th Round (248th overall): Eric Hagg, DB, Nebraska

I thought Hagg could be pretty good for a 7th rounder. He only played two years with the Browns and only recorded 33 combined tackles and 2 pass deflections. He is now a member of the Denver Broncos.

Grade: D

This draft was a good one. It really was. We got Phil Taylor, Jabaal Sheard, Jordan Cameron, Buster Skrine, and Jason Pinkston. Those are all solid starters for the Browns now. This draft’s overall grade is a B+ . This was definitely the strongest draft in the past few years. Maybe 2014’s draft will be even better…

-Alex Kirby (@CST_AlexK)

(Photo credit: http://www.talk-sports.net/nfl/fan.aspx/Jabaal_Sheard)

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