Gordon’s Super-Agent Rosenhaus Playing Hardball With NFL


The collective bargaining agreement states that a player’s suspension and his appeal process results should be handled in what is considered a “reasonable time”. We are well beyond “reasonable” at this point.  Reports came out on Friday that finally shed some light on what is taking so long. Reports are saying that Gordon’s legal team, headed by super-agent Drew Rosenhaus, is threatening a lawsuit against the NFL should they hand down a year-long suspension.

The NFL’s appointed arbitrator Harold Henderson is putting off any decision on Gordon’s appeal in hopes that the NFL and Gordon can negotiate a settlement. Rosenhaus and Gordon’s camp have been steadfast in their refusal to even come to the bargaining table with the NFL. Rosenhaus believes that they have a 50/50 chance of winning in court.

The NFL is facing a PR nightmare after the Ray Rice domestic violence case resulted in an impotent two game suspension. It is widely deemed in the public eye that any outcome too punitive to Gordon would be hypocritical and unjust. With the NFL’s ever so fragile reputation hanging in the balance and the growing perception that the Browns are being unfairly treated, it seems as though the NFL is eager to come to an agreement with Gordon. However, the sketchy test results and circumstances surrounding them have Gordon’s camp firmly holding their ground.

The NFL has reached a point where they are eager for a resolution and want to talk with Gordon about a negotiating a shorter sentence. It appears though that Rosenhaus recognizes the NFL’s dilemma and is trying to parlay the NFL’s prior missteps into a best case scenario for his client. What does he have to lose? The arbitrator is stalling for time and every day without action from the NFL, the worse it looks. One can only imagine how poorly the test discrepancies would play for the NFL in a court of law. Rosenhaus knows he has a legitimate case and is threatening a lawsuit which is the last thing the NFL wants at this point.

It is unclear how this will play out and there are certainly a number of ways that this could conclude. One thing is for certain though, the longer this drags on the better chance Gordon has of a light sentence. Rosenhaus is unwilling to negotiate at this point knowing that he has time on his side. This does not mean that at some point he will not come to the table and listen to what the NFL says, but as of right now Rosenhaus is dragging this out, most likely in hopes that he can gain more leverage for when he is finally are willing to talk settlement.

By: Brad Ward

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