Gordon’s Chances To Play Increase As NFL Closes In On Agreement


There was a point earlier in the week when we were waiting to hear news on whether or not suspended Browns WR Josh Gordon would choose to take legal action against the league.  That is no longer the case as Gordon has completely backed off of the idea of a lawsuit. ESPN reported that Gordon had this to say about the whole situation, “The whole being in limbo thing, I’m over it…I’m not waiting on the edge of my seat anymore.”

Well the rest of us still are, as reports from Pro Football Talk have stated that Gordon has a chance to have his suspension vacated or reduced if the NFL and NFLPA can come to terms on their new “drug testing policy.” Early reports stated that a number of players,  including Gordon, could possibly be affected by the new agreement. However, time was an issue for Gordon, and the agreement, to affect Gordon, must be completed before the NFL’s regular slate of Sunday games.

According to Pro Football Talk’s recent report, The NFL and the Players Union have come to an agreement on the HGH appeals process. This was presumed to be one of the two primary impediments inhibiting the completion of a deal. It is now being reported that the deal’s announcement could come at any time.

NFL Network’s Ian Rappaport has reported that both sides are looking at Sunday as a soft deadline for an agreement on the new drug testing policy. The NFLPA has begun advising players on when they would be eligible to play.

So with Pro Football Talk telling people it would be smart to pick up Gordon on your Fantasy team and with Gordon’s locker still completely full in Berea, it raises the question: has Gordon been advised of a change in his status with the league? Is his sudden decision to not pursue legal action a result of this pending agreement?  What does the agreement mean for his suspension? Hypothetically, if he gained some knowledge from the Players Union about his ability to play this season, it would make sense to fall in line and not kick up any dust in the meantime.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out and what it means for the Browns most valuable player. A change in the threshold at which the NFL test for marijuana could most certainly call for some sort of corrective action regarding Gordon’s case. So, we keep waiting.

By: Brad Ward

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