Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

Goodbye, Allie Clifton

This offseason for the Cavs has been full of turnover. The current roster has welcomed four new additions and said goodbye to five players. Obviously, the biggest one being LeBron James. Well, now the changes are coming in the broadcasting aspect of the Cavs. We say goodbye to our sideline reporter, Allie Clifton.

Clifton, who has been a familiar face that we look for on the sideline and a great host on the “Road Trippin” podcast, has decided to move to Los Angeles. She is following LeBron and will be the studio host for the Lakers’ cable home network. So, she gets a promotion, continues to work with LeBron and live in LA. I think it was a good deal for her, even though I think Cleveland is much better.

In 2012, after LeBron’s first departure, Clifton joined the Cavs’ network and was there ever since. She got her championship and she got her chance as the color commentator, in place of Austin Carr. She even was able to control the personalities of Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson and helped it reach the success it had.

I know she will be truly missed on the sideline, but I can’t wait to see how great she will be with the Lakers. If you want success, following LeBron is a good strategy. I wouldn’t be surprised if she will be working closely with Uninterrupted, which is based in Los Angeles and getting some more “Road Trippin” level content out. I think I speak for all of us when I say thank you to Allie Clifton and the best of luck to her!

Image: Fox Sports OH

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