Although Johnny Manziel has been in headlines since being drafted, it has been for all the wrong reasons. Although this isn’t news, it’s just growing sadder by the day. Recently, his father Paul Manziel was interviewed and made some devastatingly real comments.

“He’s a druggie, it’s not a secret that he’s a druggie.”

“Hopefully he doesn’t die before he comes to his senses.”

“At this point, I almost think it would be best for him to be in jail.”

These words paint a devastating future for Johnny Football. Is this what he really has become? How could this happen?

These are truly sad comments from his own father. What was once a highly praised Heisman-winning college quarterback has sunk to the bottom. Johnny’s fall from greatness was a rough one.

Honestly, it’s kind of heartbreaking. I had high hopes for this kid. I wanted the Cleveland Browns to draft him and I have never been so wrong. I can understand the drinking, but the domestic abuse and the hit-and-run are ridiculous.

Then, 15 hours after the car accident, Manziel is reported to have spent $1000 at a drug paraphernalia store. Something is seriously wrong with this guy, he needs help.

If he has hopes of playing football ever again, he needs to get his act together fast. I wish him the best, but it saddens me to say, I’m over it. Johnny Manziel is just another disappointing Browns draft pick.

-Max Gold

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