March 3, 2024

One of the biggest highlights after the Cavs win over the Raptors was a side feud. Every time the Cavs play in the playoffs it seems as if there’s a side story, last round it was LeBron vs Lance as always, but this time it’s one of the more unexpected feuds in the history of feuds.

After the game, it’s reported that rap artist Drake had a few words for Kendrick Perkins. This began earlier in the game during halftime when Perkins was trash talking ex-teammate Serge Ibaka saying “we are going to win this game.” which isn’t anything too crazy in terms of trash talking and that’s just how Perkins is.

At the end of the game, there is a video of Drake talking trash to Perkins and trying to act tough, he’s behind about two to three bodyguards while Perkins is trying to advance towards Drake but he is pushed away by a plethora of Cavs security. There have been rumors of what Drake said and what Perkins said but it’s not entirely certain if it’s true. Drake reportedly called Perkins a “F****** P****.” These are big words for a guy that’s only 6 foot and weighs 170 pounds, while this may be above average for most people it’s childlike compared to the measures of Kendrick Perkins who is 6 foot 10 inches and weighs 269 pounds.

There a few reasons why Drake might’ve done this. One of the reasons may be that Drake is trying to get under the skin of the Cavaliers; he was already shown trash talking to LeBron James while sitting courtside. Perkins is currently on the roster and getting in any type of fight would absolutely lead to the suspension for Perkins, while he isn’t a big piece of the roster there’s no excuse to be making distractions for the team.

Another reason is that Drake is just built that way. He’s always beefing with other rappers in the rap game and he always brings his trash talking to the next level when his Raptors face off against Cleveland. Drake is always trash talking with Cleveland native DJ Steph Floss and it seems this year that the trash talking has overstepped to a whole new level.

It will be interesting to see how these events will transition to the next game and if they will carry over.

Image: ESPN

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