By now, it’s been well-documented that I believe the Browns should be starting rookie quarterback, Baker Mayfield. While my opinion hasn’t changed, I have this to say:

A few years ago, when Brian Hoyer was named the starter over Johnny Manziel, I strongly disagreed with it. There was a point where I did not even enjoy watching the Browns win because I wanted Johnny Football to play. The Browns actually started that season 7-4 under Hoyer before falling apart towards the end of the season.

Ultimately, neither of those quarterbacks were capable of leading the Browns to any type of success and my love for Manziel was all for nothing.

This time around, a few years later, I am going to embrace Tyrod Taylor as the starter. He is a very good quarterback that proved his worth by taking the Buffalo Bills to the playoffs last season and yet was still subsequently traded to the Browns this past offseason.

Tyrod Taylor has the potential to guide the Browns in the right direction as a bridge quarterback to Baker Mayfield who will eventually take over. It is my belief that Taylor will play only this season on the Browns before signing a big contract with a team next year. That’s the philosophy the front office has chosen to go with and while it differs from my own opinion, I respect it.

What am I expecting this season from the Browns under Taylor at the helm?

I’ve been saying a 3-13 record and that is certainly low-balling it. This team has so much more talent than last year and they have to put it together on the field. The ceiling for Cleveland is much higher this year than it was in years past and I would not be shocked if the team wins many more games.

But I am a man of precedent.

Throughout my entire life, the Browns have basically been bad. Thus, I will believe it when I see it. After all, the team has won only a single game in the last two years and still has the same head coach running the show in Hue Jackson.

I believe that Tyrod Taylor has the ability to make this team a lot better while also teaching Baker Mayfield how to play quarterback in the NFL. He can turn the Browns around from being the laughingstock of the league to a formidable opponent that teams might actually fear.

Truthfully, he can set Mayfield up for a decade of success with his work as the quarterback for now.

This first week against Pittsburgh is one of the biggest opening games in new-Browns history. While I have the Steelers winning a close one, I cannot wait to see Tyrod Taylor and the Browns on the field and a new-era of Cleveland Browns football to begin.

Best of luck, Tyrod. Prove me wrong!

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