March 4, 2024

My gosh.

Are we really going to find something else to get mad at quarterback Deshaun Watson for each and every day? Like I’ve been hard on the guy myself but this is getting ridiculous.

Fans are mad because Watson was flashed sitting in a loge with his girl taking in the Browns @ Rams. People are pointing out how Bengals QB Joe Burrow was different:

First of all, Watson was on the field before the game and like what do you really want from the guy? Do you want him to be a cheerleader throughout every game on the sideline?

Additionally, I don’t think the players in uniform care where Watson is as they have their own agenda for the game to focus on. That agenda clearly failed with the Browns losing by a score of 36-19 in LA.

Now, if it’s me and I’m in Watson’s place. Well, sure. I’d sit on the sideline with my teammates and take in the game that way. However, it’s really not a big deal and shouldn’t matter much to anyone.

Here are the bigger deals:

The Browns actually winning games (five left this season with a 7-5 record currently).

Watson’s health moving forward.

The rest of the team getting healthy too.

It’s easy to hate on Watson and I’m guilty of it certainly myself as a fan of the Browns and the disappointment this year is starting to turn into.

Simply put. Let the guy watch the game in peace. If you want to buy him some pom poms for Week 14 against the Jaguars, be my guest. That’ll be a lovely holiday gift because Watson is certainly low on cash and needs your help.

The Browns battle said Jaguars at home next week, followed by the Beats at home as well, then in Houston against the Texans, at home against the Jets and finish off the season in Cincinnati against the Bengals.

That last game against the Bengals is so key on whether Joe Burrow sits on the sideline or not for his team. That’ll decide if the game is won by the Browns to end the season and not what actually happens on the field.

Let’s cut Deshaun Watson a tiny bit of slack for once and just wait for the guy to do something stupid that actually warrants us being hard on the guy in the future. I’ll write an article about it for you, I promise.

Cool shades, Deshaun. I’ll give you that. Hope you took your girl out for a nice dinner date to celebrate the loss…


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