December 9, 2023

Jamie Gillan Has Been Sent to the Scottish Slammer

Town favorite Jamie Gillan has officially been released from the Cleveland Browns, Tuesday. This comes after the Browns signed veteran punter Dustin Colquitt earlier this last week. After a few tough games and special team mishaps, specifically against Kansas City, the Chargers and the Steelers, the Browns front office decided it was time to move away from the swollest punter to ever play in The Land. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Thanks for a few good years, Jamie.

On the bright side, Dustin Colquitt looked pretty decent against the Raiders. We, unfortunately, got to watch him on the field far too often on Monday, but that’s a conversation for another time and one that I cannot have. Making a move with a special teams player at this point in the year, regardless of what the reasons are, shows that this team still has a little bit of fight left in them. All eyes did not go to the Chase McLaughlin situation and what will the Browns front office decide to do in regards to a placekicker.


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