April 16th, the day the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs begin. There is a great chance we can see our Columbus Blue Jackets among the 16 teams in the bracket for the playoffs. The Jackets only sitting 3 points back of the New York Rangers in the Metropolitan division and currently own the 1st wild card spot in the east at 80 points. The problem is the Red Wings, Capitals, and Maple Leafs all have 80 points as well.

There only 2 teams that have clinched playoff spots in the east, the Pens and the Bruins. That leaves 6 spots up for grabs, and the Jackets can take one of those. With 9 games left in the season, it’s going to be going down to the wire.

The Jackets need to make a statement win tonight against the Pens. They need to prove that they can compete with the best teams in the league. Plus, if the Jackets remain the 1st wild card, they will be playing against their division rivals, the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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