When it comes to milking cows, George Kottaras is “udderly dominant”. The Indians catcher beat the Texas Rangers relief pitcher Robbie Ray in the event. Kottaras has now won the event two years in a row.

The event was held in foul territory at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Ray got off to a quick start until his cow kicked over his bucket and spilled most of the milk Ray had collected. When asked about it, Ray said “I cannot believe that happened, I was cruising too”.

The first time Kottaras had milked a cow was last year with the Kansas City Royals lat year in this event. When asked about the win, he said “it wasn’t the way I wanted, but I’ll take it”.

It is always interesting to hear about crazy talents that sports players have. You feel like you get to know the player that much more, even though you’ve never actually met him.

Maybe this victory gave the Indians some good karma, because they beat the Rangers yesterday 8-3.

– Jimmy Carcioppolo (follow me on twitter @CST_JimmyC)


Source: http://msn.foxsports.com/ohio/story/udderly-dominant-kottaras-wins-cow-milking-event-060714

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