Garoppolo to San Francisco Leaves Browns Fans Crying Again

Updated: October 31, 2017

It finally happened. The Patriots dealt their backup quarterback and the most wanted man in Cleveland this past offseason, Jimmy Garoppolo. The San Francisco 49ers gave up a second-round pick in 2018 for the signal-caller who will be a free agent after this season. It was a risky move for the Niners and one that sent the Twitterverse in Cleveland off on a rampage.

There were those who wanted to send two or three first-round draft picks to the Patriots a few months back in order to bring Jimmy G. to Cleveland. Obviously, that never happened. The Browns have done the usual once again and played several quarterbacks in an effort to get wins. It hasn’t worked, but not much has worked this season. Reality says that it would have been a huge risk to trade for a player who is under contract for only a season. It’s a risk that the Browns were apparently not willing to take, even though a similar move involving Jamie Collins paid off last season.

Was this a good move by San Francisco?

Well, it depends. Can the 49ers now convince their QB to stay beyond 2017 and is he the player that most seem to feel he can be? You have to admit that this is a much more palatable risk since it involves one second-round pick versus mortgaging the future of a franchise. I’m sure everyone in Cleveland would have been ecstatic to have seen this deal made by the Browns.

There is a positive here, Browns fans. We should all expect the 49ers to win a few games now, making it easier for the Browns to secure pick one once again in 2018. Even if they don’t win games, they may have their quarterback, giving the Browns more options if they choose to move forward with drafting yet another QB.

In the end, you have to applaud San Francisco for making this move. The Browns need to run things in a similar manner. You can’t be afraid to fail in the NFL. You have to take chances, especially when the payoff could be big. What do the Browns have to lose? Things can’t get a whole lot worse anyway.

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