February 25, 2024

Game 1: Trevor Bauer vs. Rick Porcello

Trevor Bauer, the odd-ball. We never really know what he is going to do next. Whether it’s warming up by throwing from foul pole to foul pole or starting a game off by throwing a ball as hard as he can from the mound with a full-fledged, Happy Gilmore-type wind up, Bauer constantly keeps us on our toes in Cleveland. But one word that comes to mind with Bauer, and I never thought I would say this, is consistency.

He has been there all year for us. With all the injuries to our starting staff, Bauer stepped up. He even started the year in the pen. Now, that doesn’t mean we always knew which Bauer would show up. His ERA has fluctuated since the All-Star break:


July: 5.19

Aug: 4.04

Sept: 6.75


That’s tough to swallow. This is our Game 1 starter in the ALDS! On paper, it doesn’t necessarily make us Cleveland die-hards puff out our chests with confidence. It brings up the same question we have been asking all year; which Trevor Bauer is going to show up?

Now let’s look at Rick Porcello, another guy that has been there all year for the Red Sox. While May and June weren’t his most impressive months (ERAs of 4.65 and 3.96 respectively) Porcello has been locked in since July.

July: 2.57

Aug: 2.62

Sept: 2.70

Boston’s ace has compiled a stunning record of 22-4, winning six of his last seven starts. He is to be feared. He’s a MONSTER!

But Bauer is our own kind of MONSTER! He throws stuff in the dugout when something doesn’t go his way. He is often visually irritated on the mound, wearing his emotions on his sleeve for all to see.  He pitches with raw emotion! But we are finally seeing Bauer channel that inner monster into his pitching.

On Thursday, Progressive Field will be rocking like none of these players have ever seen before. Bauer will feed off of that, he will feed off of us, and that MONSTER will be focused and ready!

Porcello vs. Bauer

At home, in our house, I stand with Bauer!

Indians take Game 1!


Photo: mlb.com

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