September 26, 2022

FYI: Jason McCourty is the Flash

Jason McCourty is a damn superhero! I like to give credit when credit is due. McCourty breaking up an inevitable Bradin Cooks TD pass is the play of the game. McCourty looked like the Flash as he busted his ass over to break up that pass. 

Jared Goff should have sent a rocket to the back of the endzone to a wide open Cooks. But, Goff decided to throw a lollipop pass which gave McCourty time to recover and break up the pass.

Cooks, who was wide open, had to wait for the ball to get to him dropped the ball when Flash McCourty scrambled to get to the back of the endzone and break up the pass.

If Cooks caught that ball who knows how the game would have finished. It was a deflating play, after that it seemed that the LA Rams lost the little momentum they had left.

Patriots went on to win 13-3 and Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the Patriots solidified themselves as the GOATs and greatest dynasty of all time; in any sport!

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