Freddie Kitchens Starts True New-Era of Browns Football

The Browns have signed 44-year-old Freddie Kitchens to be the new head coach of the team. He replaces Gregg Williams who took over as the interim when the team fired Hue Jackson from the position after a loss to the Steelers in Week 8.

In 2017, the Browns were last in total points scored per game at 14.6 and this past year that number improved to 22.4 and 20th in the league overall. With yards, the Browns were 24th in ’17 with 308.9 and then 13th this past year with 368.8.

Obviously, everyone remembers the 0-16 record in 2017 and how that shifted to a way better 7-8-1 finish in ’18. No one is denying that the squad cannot improve even more moving foward.

Enter Kitchens.

Now the new head coach of the Browns after running the offense last year. He orchestrated plays that put the defenses the team faced on their heels and helped rookies Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb along with guys like Jarvis Landry thrive in a completely revamped offense.

Sure, Gregg Williams was in charge of the team for the majority of the season, but without the help of Kitchens calling the plays, one could say the team would not have jolted to such an impressive finish.

Williams is gone and the Browns will have to find a new defensive coordinator.

Kitchens played quarterback at Alabama and has been a coach since 1999 in both college and the pros, most recently as a part of the Arizona Cardinals offensive coaching staff before coming to Cleveland.

Watch this video as Kitchens had to undergo emergency surgery to repair an issue with his heart. Truly, it’s amazing.

Throughout this year, it was clear that Mayfield really liked Kitchens and that is important for a franchise to have success in the future. Additionally, he can continue with the creative play calls on offense, while relying on another coach to man the defense.

I look forward to many years with Kitchens in charge. He has paid his dues over many years and he is well-deserving of this position. Thank you to Gregg Williams for the work this past season.

Also, Freddie, where can we buy that cool “Dawg Pound” sweatshirt?? Asking for a friend..

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