Frankie Lindor’s Contract Starting to Become a Thought

I just saw Fransisco Lindor hit a home run that literally looked like he swung a golf ball. Here, you watch it:

After this season, shortstop Fransisco Lindor has two more years of arbitration. Without getting into too much detail, basically the Indians still control him, but his value gets determined by either the team/player working together or it goes to a hearing. More details on that, if you care – HERE

So, this isn’t like 2010 with LeBron James where I was wetting the bed every night, so scared that he would go. At least not yet. We have this season and then two more before Lindor is a true free agent.

This year, infectious and always-smiling shortstop is hitting .290 with 15 homers and 35 RBI. The team has played nearly 100 games and Lindor isn’t even at 80, hence the low numbers.

Career numbers: .289 average, 113 homers and 345 RBI. This being his 5th season.

We all saw during All-Star Weekend here in Cleveland just how fun Frankie is and how he actually loves this city.

Lindor during the All-Star Game Here in CLE

The Tribe has had its fair share of great moments in his young career, such as a trip to the World Series in 2016. This season, things are up and down. We’ll have to wait and see how it turns out…

Lindor will get his cash the next two years, deservingly so. It’ll be after the 2021 season where everything gets put on the table.

Compared to the Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs and other big-market teams, the Indians just cannot afford to keep Lindor. SS Manny Machado agreed to a 10-year, $300 million contract with the San Diego Padres. I’m pretty sure Bernie Sanders will endorse Donald Trump before the Indians offer that to Lindor.

Thus, this is what it comes down to that offseason.

Will Frankie Lindor take a discount? But also, will the Indians at least try and keep him with some sort of offer for the player that sells the most tickets on the team.

If I had to guess, my thinking is he will leave. I do think there is a chance to keep him, but this is million of dollars we are talking about. It’s not a dollar off your Diet Coke at Giant Eagle…

Of course, I’d be disappointed. However, I would understand and still respect the guy. Hopefully, with a World Series to cherish within the next 2.5 seasons…

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