Francisco Lindor’s Struggles Concerning?

Just like Edwin Encarnacion, the slump bug has found its way into Fransisco Lindor’s bat. He has been atrocious in the last few games dropping his average to .259 and it has shown in the Indians’ performance losing three of the last five. Lindor was in the midst of a 6-for-44 slump before a RBI double on Sunday.

Even with all of this, Indians fans should not be worried.

 The Indians have not been playing up to par as of recently and it has been to the fault of Lindor’s bad bat. There is still nothing to worry about here even with this horrible slump. Edwin went through a bad slump and has recently blasted out of it and that 60 million we spent on him is looking like a bargain. 

Lindor is an elite player and will be for years to come; this slump is not a reflection of who he is. He will break out just like Edwin did and when he does you can expect the Indians to start running away with the AL Central.

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