Francisco Lindor Trade Rumors Hit All Time High

Have Cleveland fans watched Lindor play his last game in a Tribe uniform? Will the beloved four-time All-Star shortstop be traded before the 2020 deadline? Banter and whispers of Lindor being traded are nothing new, however, those talks are heightened after an ESPN article came out making it more of a solid thought –

“Lindor, multiple executives said, “is going to get traded.” They’re not sure if it’s this winter or next summer, but considering how disciplined the Indians are, they want to maximize Lindor’s value, and doing so means trading him before the July 31 deadline.”

I think we all knew deep down that the front office would never re-sign Lindor. Maybe we just didn’t want to admit it because as his nickname Mr. Smile indicates, he’s absolutely a joy to watch play. He appears to always genuinely enjoy the game and appreciates that he has the chance to do what he loves.

In the sports world, it all comes down to money. If the front office tried to extend him does Lindor chose to be a free agent? He would most certainly be offered significant contracts by other teams. Would he stay in Cleveland out of loyalty for a lower salary? Not many players make that choice in the modern day of baseball.

We also need to ask if it makes sense to tie a majority of the teams’ money into one player. Yes, Frankie’s stats are similar to those of some of the greats like Cal Ripken Jr and Derek Jeter. However, Cleveland is a small market team and fans don’t want to hear it but it’s not a simple financial decision. To be fair, the Indians’ organization is notorious for making good trades. Fans can have some solace, that if we do lose Lindor, they make a deal that leaves the Tribe as contenders.

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