FOUR Things Cleveland Browns Must Do This Offseason to Get Back to Playoffs

It was certainly a disappointing season for the Cleveland Browns. Going 8-9 and missing the playoffs after being in the playoffs a year ago is pretty crushing to most of us fans this year but let’s not lose all hope. I attended Hope College (Holland, Michigan). Yes, it’s an actual school. My son also attended Hope and if you went to Hope then of course you have to live by that name in your life. That should go without saying. Being a Browns fan can seem brutal at times, but we must hold out for “Hope” and a renewed season ahead.

This isn’t the same type of feeling we all had after the letdown of the 2019 season and coach Freddie Kitchen’s disaster of a year. And this certainly isn’t the same kind of disappointment as we all experienced when the team went 1-31-1 between 2016-2017.

So, with that as a backdrop let’s dig into what exactly this team now has to do to get back to the promised land.


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